1st ATD ICE in the Books: Goal Scorecard

My goals for the EXPO were:

  1. Thank Robbi Rohr in person for the EXPO Tickets!
  2. Visit Articulate and gomo learning locations to check out the newest in authoring tools for e-learning.
  3. Visit Akorbi  and at least 20 other e-learning service provide booths during the event.
  4. Exchange at least 75 business cards during the entire length of the event.
  5. Create a Snapchat Story every day during the event.
  6. Visit the Career Resource Center at the EXPO at least once.

Check out the infographic below for a scorecard of ATD ICE.


PLExd Score Card for ATD ICE 2016 (1)

In the next post, I’ll be discussing my takeaways from the EXPO, what I did well, and what I’d do different.

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