I’m attending ATD ICE EXPO, are you?


Heading to The Colorado Convention Center this week to attend ATD’s ICE EXPO from the 22nd to the 25th of May. 

My goals for the EXPO are (Booth Number):

  1. Thank Robbi Rohr (1535) in person for the EXPO Tickets!
  2. Visit Articulate (425) and gomo learning (657) locations to check out the newest in authoring tools for e-learning.
  3. Visit Akorbi (1262) and at least 20 other e-learning service provide booths during the event.
  4. Exchange at least 75 business cards during the entire length of the event.
  5. Create a Snapchat Story every day during the event.
  6. Visit the Career Resource Center at the EXPO at least once.

Are you attending ATD ICE? Don’t get stuck in the EXPO center all day! 16th St Mall and the rest of Downtown Denver are awesome! If you want to grab a coffee (Denver’s known for great coffee) and/or a beer (Colorado is the home of some of the world’s best beer, I know because I’ve traveled, a lot), you can tweet me @getplexdesign and I’ll point you in the right direction.I’m looking forward to meeting a bunch of amazing professionals next week. See you there!



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