1. Hi James,

    Thanks for this post. Its great to hear what it’s really like “out there”. I am considering going that route and I think your posts are a real wake up call! It’s not just work, work work all the time. I’m happy something came in and hope you aren’t second guessing your choice to go freelance. You are right – when it rains it pours!!!

    In regards to not settling because you are desperate, I was actually having a similar discussion yesterday with a friend of mine from my program. As I’ve mentioned to you, we have an internship option at the end of our degree… My friend really doesn’t want to go into ID, she’s always been more interested in training / l&D, but right now everything is ID centered. Shes spoken with industry contacts, but everyone want someone with experience. She’s been second guessing herself, feeling dejected and considering taking an ID internship because that’s all that’s available now. I think i’ll send this post to her.

  2. Some good tips there James, definitely agree with most if not all of what you wrote. Great to hear you’re busy – keep sharing!

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