HBR Management Tip Reaction 9/13/16- Focusing Gratitude on Others

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Practicing gratitude — making a deliberate point of being thankful for the positive things in your life — is good for your happiness and well-being. But when we express our gratitude to others, we have a tendency to talk about ourselves when we should be thinking about them. Often when we get help and support, we want to talk about how the favor made us feel: “It let me relax…” or “It makes me happy….” But expressing gratitude shouldn’t be all about you. Helpers want to see themselves positively and to feel understood and cared for, which is difficult for them to do if you won’t stop talking about yourself. So the next time you thank someone, try “other-praising” instead. Acknowledge and validate your benefactor’s actions: “You go out of your way…” or “You’re really good at….” Doing so will strengthen your relationship with that person.

Source: Adapted from “Stop Making Gratitude All About You,” by Heidi Grant Halvorson

This absolutely reminds me of the first post I wrote back in 2015 “Who Am I Glad is in my Network?” So I’d like to check back in with a few of the people I’ve mentioned, and add a few who have really been helpful for me and maybe for many others as well.

The List

Thomas Garrod– Thomas is the Chief Learning Architect for the KeelWorks Foundation. Thomas is still running KeelWorks.  Thomas continues to do an excellent job being a community manager for one of the most active e-learning groups on LinkedIn. Thomas has gone out of his way to challenge posters on eLearning Global Network and be a catalyst for conversation about the direction of eLearning.

Melissa Milloway– Still creates awesome blog content, still has a great website, still pretty awesome. She is continuing to champion the paradigm shift to collaborating and sharing among freelancers. Her recent development using Adapt and other cutting edge tools(Web Objects in SL2, Passing Values from HTML>LMS and a lot more) are up on her LinkedIn page. Keep creating Mel-  it has been great to watch.

Alexander Salas– Not just a development rockstar, but a help guru as well. Alexander is still  producing and sharing really high quality work on eLearning Heroes  (Articulate’s E-learning blog/forum) E-learning challenges. He’s helped me on several projects and has been a great resource for me. Alex has gone out of his way to keep me in the #IDcommunity by tagging me in his Twitter posts (@Stylelearn) He’ll also be presenting a symposium on Augmented Reality at DevLearn2016.

Dennis Hall– Stupendous. I don’t even think that covers Dennis’ breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in the eLearning space. A champion of xAPI, Storyline Expert, LearnDash Pro, and template genius, I’ve come to really value having Dennis as part of my eLearning network. He goes out of his way to make sure not only that I understand what I just did, but hops on a Zoom.io screen share and walk me through step-by step so I can replicate what I am trying to do again.

Kristin Anthony– Kristin,  you are great at inspiring others with your posts. You never seem to be scared to take on a new challenge, and I really enjoy watching your work. Some of my favorites have been; this microlearning sample (how long did that take you?) and your work developing a podcast (which I’ve been featured on). Keep providing inspiration Kris, you’re crushing it.

Joshua Zlatkin– Thank you for liking & retweeting what I post. You’ve done a great job at providing that extra bit of support we all need sometimes.  Much appreciated.

Who can you acknowledge as someone who you’re grateful for? Leave a comment below.

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