Practicing gratitude — making a deliberate point of being thankful for the positive things in your life — is good for your happiness and well-being. But when we express our gratitude to others, we have a tendency to talk about ourselves when we should be thinking about them. Often when we get help and support, we want to talk about how the favor made us feel: “It let me relax…” or “It makes me happy….” But expressing gratitude shouldn’t be all about you. Helpers want to see themselves positively and to feel understood and cared for, which is difficult for them to do if you won’t stopRead More →

  Challenge #130: Engage Learners Through Visual Storytelling Audio slideshows are a form of storytelling commonly found in digital journalism. They combine images and sound (narration, natural sounds, music) to create engaging stories. While they’re simple to build, they do require a skillful blend of writing, photography, and storytelling to be effective.   The Inspiration for ELH130. I loved reading Dante’s Inferno, and when I did a search for free narrated audio, I found LibreVox, a library of public domain narrated content. It’s great for someone like me, who consumes audio-books at a voracious pace. I’ve just finished Sun Tzu’s Art of War and nextRead More →